Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Irish Academy of Engineering

John Power and I had a co-ordination meeting with the Academy of Engineering this morning at Clyde Road.   Michael Hayden,  the Academy President,  and Michael Higgins,  the Academy Secretary attended.

The Academy has moved its premises to Clyde Road,  from DIT Bolton Street.

The Academy currently has six committees,  studying energy; climate change response; spatial strategy and planning; encouraging students to take up engineering;  effectiveness of State investment in R&D;    and bio-engineering issues.   On average,  the Academy produces 3 or 4 major reports each year,  as a focal point for discussion and debate for issues pertaining to national economic policy.

The Academy is primarily funded at this time through members subscriptions.   There are currently about 175 (elected) members,  including members in Northern Ireland and the UK.

Our main focus of discussion was to ensure co-ordination of activities and objectives.   John and I also suggested that the Academy might usefully present to Council,  and our Liaison Committee,  in the near future so as to promote their activities and work.

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