Friday, April 9, 2010

Finance Committee Meeting

Yesterday evening,  we held a scheduled meeting of the Finance Committee at Clyde Rd.

We spend a considerable amount of time examining the draft annual accounts for 2009 together with our auditor.  The main focus was understanding the details of the accounting treatment of the pension fund,  since the accounting treatment has changed from the previous year,  and so the two years' accounts are not directly comparable.

We also reviewed the accounts for March 2010.   Revenues and costs are pretty much as expected,  with the sole exception of membership subscription revenues.  We are behind,  but the management team fully expects to be able to catch up in the months ahead.

The ground rent situation continues to be progressed,   and a barrister has been chosen to give us appropriate advice.

The annual conference sponsorship has progressed reasonably well and with a great deal of effort.   Registrations for conference are progressing.

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