Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finance Committee Meeting; Executive Committee Meeting

This evening we had a regularly scheduled Finance Committee meeting, followed by a meeting of the Executive.

It in fact was Brian Kavanagh's last meeting as Chair of the Finance Committee,  after six years of voluntary leadership and oversight.  It was also Jim Browne's last Finance and Executive meeting,  as out-going Past President.  I am very grateful to both for their enormous commitment and support for Engineers Ireland,  and expressed our gratitude.  In fact,  it was also my last Finance and Executive meetings as the current President,  and Martin Lowery takes over from me at the AGM on 27th next.

The Finance meeting,  as usual,  reviewed the finances to date for the year,  after four months.  We are managing our costs to budget extremely well,  but are slightly behind in both subscription revenues and CPD income.  John Power,  our DG,  noted that we are about to launch a radio campaign for new members,  targetting in particular cognate degree holders and level 7 technicians.  We also are going to place additional emphasis on the members benefit scheme,  and will be announcing an "introduce a friend" scheme.

We also received an uptodate assessment of the continuing negotiations for the ground rent issue,  and John Power has been asked to enter negotiations directly with the Pembroke Estate.

In the Executive meeting,  John Power noted the meeting with the President of Ireland on June 23rd to celebrate our 175th year,  and to which all members are invited but a quota system applies.  He also noted a concert by the Nr. 1 Army band and others on 16th July next at the new National Conference Centre,  to also celebrate the 175th year.

We received a report from the Finance Committee (as above),  and then proceeded to review the very successful 2010 annual conference in Cork.  We noted some lessons learned,  and took a formal resolution to hold next year's conference in Galway.

In light of the report on the teaching of Mathematics,  and the interest of the heads of engineering schools,  we formally requested that John Power investigate the establishment of an Education Society,  to advise on all aspects of education relating to Engineering, from primary school to post-graduate level.

We noted the Special General Meeting,  immediately before the AGM,  and already advertised to Members,  on 27th May next.

Under AOB,  John Power noted that the CEO of the IDA,  Barry O'Leary,  wishes to address a meeting of Engineers Ireland and to present the IDA's strategy,  seeking reactions and advice.  This meeting is likely to be June 1st,  and will be advertised to members once the date is confirmed.

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