Monday, June 15, 2009

Spirit of Ireland

A reminder that we are hosting the Spirit of Ireland team to present their proposals at 22 Clyde Road on tuesday 23rd June next. If you are not previously aware of this proposal, it is a project to make Ireland energy independent, or even a net exporter of energy, by using large sea water reservoirs on the west coast of Ireland to generate hydro electric power, in turn pumped by wind turbines to replenish the reservoirs.

This event is only for Members of Engineers Ireland, and will be an opportunity to join the debate on the engineering involved. The event will be webex'd as usual, and hopefully also live tweeted under #spirit.

If, as a Member, you have not already registered for this event and would like to do so, please contact Barry Stokes in Clyde Rd at


  1. Chris, is this on the 23rd of June or July?

  2. John, humble apologies, what a typo!! It is indeed 23rd June (ie tomorrow), and very sorry for my mistake. I've now corrected the main blog posting, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    best wishes