Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finance Committee Meeting; Executive Committee Meeting

We had a scheduled meeting of the Finance Committee, and then the Executive Committee this afternoon.

As I noted at our previous Finance meeting, our finances in general remain tight for the remainder of the year. I am pleased to see the entire Clyde Road team focussed on the issue, and although much of our resourcing is currently being invested in completing the internal IT systems project, including in particular data cleansing of our records, nevertheless the team are very committed to bringing in the financial year on a break even or even better.

Our Executive Committee had a long agenda but we managed to get through it reasonably efficiently. In addition to our usual reports, we spent some time:
  • summarising the general intentions for next year's annual conference;
  • reviewing the process we used to select a supplier for the Engineers Ireland journal for the next 3 year contract, and empowering the DG to negotiate an appropriate contract, especially in the light of pressures on advertising revenues;
  • adopting the general revisions to the text defining our Membership criteria in the light of the opening of membership to level 7 graduates, and to cognate degrees, and the implications of the 2013 changes to the requirements for C.Eng;
  • a progress report on our support for unemployed engineers, and an imminent meeting of our UK region in that regard;
  • an update on the improvements to our internal management systems, which imminently go live;
  • and a note from Jim Robinson, of our Cork region, on a recent meeting of the RIA reviewing the interest and education levels of 3rd level science students, which we will bring to the attention of our Membership Qualification Board and Accreditation Board.

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