Thursday, July 30, 2009

Presidential Address

I'm planning my presidential address, which I will give a number of times during my year as President, with the first one being in Clyde Road in September.

I'm planning to discuss why it is so challenging to engineer software safely, and hope the talk can be of interest to non-software engineers, and specialists, alike.

I met with Prof. Mike Hinchey this afternoon for a coffee, to get a briefing from him on some of the latest trends in safety critical software.

Mike has extensive experience at NASA, and is currently working in the University of Limerick Lero software engineering research entre. He is commercially developing technology to exploit US patents he holds in the area, as Silicon Republic recently reported.

Mike walked me through some the case work with the planned automated repair of the Hubble telescope, and how that has helped define the technology with which he is now working.

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