Friday, November 6, 2009

JobSeekers Network

I briefly sat in for part of this morning's JobSeekers Network meeting in Dublin,  organised by Sean Maguire and Jimmy Kinahan,  and chatted to people at a few of the tables.   Unfortunately I then had another meeting at 10am to get to for the innovation taskforce.

There were about 50 people present.  As Sean explained,  the main purpose of the network is to provide mutual assistance,  and share good ideas and experience.   I was able to stay for the first session,  led by Kevin O'Loughlin,  who gave us his war stories about founding his company three years ago.   He had several messages,  including that now was a great time to start a company,  given the fall in the cost of business services including rent;  and the desire by customers in general to identify opportunities to be more efficient.   His view was that the word "recession" is outlawed in his company:  until his company has 100% market share in its niche,  then there was always more market to capture and the recession wasn't damaging his business.

I wish I could have stayed to hear the other speakers and take part in the discussions,   but I know that Kevin Dolan - one of the other speakers this morning - has some specific ideas about building on an online jobseekers network via the Engineers Ireland website,  which I hope will help spread the support and help.

There is also an Engineers Ireland linkedin group here (you must sign up to linkedin to be able to access it,  but its free registration) at which jobs are advertised.

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