Saturday, November 14, 2009

North-East Region Annual Dinner Dance

I attended the north-east region's event this evening in the Crystal Hotel,  Cavan.  John Brannigan was the hosting President,  and the Chair of Cavan County Council,  Winston Bennett,  and County Manager,  Jack Keyes also attended.   There were about 90 people altogether.

Cavan County Council have just achieved a 3-year CPD accreditation,  and so I had the honour of presenting Jack Keyes with the associated certificate.   There are now 11 county councils nationwide which have achieved CPD accreditation.

Michelle Day,  a Mechanical Engineering Student at Dundalk IT won the Peter Rice memorial medal for her project on water pumps in Uganda.

I took the opportunity in my short after dinner speech to briefly mention some of our recent initiatives and news,  including our 175th anniversary next year;  the annual conference in Cork;  the expansion of our membership rules;  our initiatives for unemployed members;  our budget submission;  our initiative on licensing and regulation of professional engineers;  our initiative on mathematics teaching in schools;  and the continuing importance of CPD.

A pleasant evening,  with very good food and great company..

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