Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Officers Meeting

This evening,  John Power (DG),  Jim Browne (Past President),  PJ Rudden (Junior VP) and myself met in Clyde Road,  followed by dinner together,  to have a general review across a range of topics.  Martin Lowery (Senior VP) had hoped to be able to join us in time from a meeting of the Urban Forum in Limerick,  which he chairs on behalf of Engineers Ireland,  but became caught in traffic.

We discussed our general financial situation and the likely parameters for our 2010 budget.  We also discussed the status of our CPD programme,  and improvements that can be made.  John updated us on some organisational developments in the Clyde Road team.  We also used the opportunity to brief each other on specific projects in which some of us are involved,  such as the regulation/licensing initiative;  the subcommittee on teaching of mathematics and science in the schools;  the STEPs programme; and our relationship with the International Centre for Graduate Education Engineering (ICGEE).

It is our intention that the Officers should routinely meet together on a quarterly basis.

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