Friday, December 4, 2009

New Members Evening

We hosted an information event and informal reception yesterday evening at Clyde Road,  for new members.  

Evelyn Casey acted as our hostess for the evening.  John Power gave an overview of our work and ethos;  Paul Sheridan presented an overview of the STEPS programme and outreach to schools;  Roberta Keaney presented,  using a live connection to our web sites,  our regions,  societies and divisions,  and online community and blogging support;  Evelyn herself presented on our CPD programme and on the process to becoming a Chartered Engineer;  and finally I myself said a few short words.

In the event,  the turn out was a little low.   We had 8 people who were interested in joining,  and signed up on the evening.   We also had a further 7 members,  5 of whom are preparing their applications for Chartered membership by the next deadline,  in January.   The other 2 members were interested in volunteering,  for the Water and Environmental Society,  and for the STEPS programme.

Afterwards,  I had an interesting discussion with one of the attendees,  Tom,  on the consequences of the recent flooding for Bord Na Mona and its peat stocks..

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