Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Executive and Finance committee meeting

We had our regularly scheduled Executive meeting this evening at Clyde Road,  preceded by a Finance subcommittee meeting.

Under matters arising,  John Power updated us on the initiative to meet the NAMA team,  including via the CIF.   We noted too the ongoing subcommittee led by PJ Rudden on honours mathematics in the secondary school system.

Our finances,  as ever,  remain tight.  The finance subcommittee and the executive team are reasonably confident that we will make a small profit,  or at least break even,  by the end of the fiscal/calendar year.   At this stage,  there are few remaining cost reduction items that could make an immediate impact in the current year,  and so it is important that our outstanding revenues,  primarily outstanding membership income and CPD training,  come in as we expect between now and December.

John Power and I noted the various engagements which we have participated since the last Executive meeting,  and as I have reported in my own case in this blog.

John Power reported on our continuing support for unemployed members,  stressing again a willingness to consider any further suggestions and actions.   A further Jobseekers event had been held recently which had then been oversubscribed,  and overran its allotted time.  There had been some favourable comments from attendees on the social networks,  and one of the attendees had volunteered to leverage social networking via blogs and twitter to further to assist unemployed members.   Further events are planned.

John Power reported on feedback,  and read the emails,   from a small number of members to him,  concerning the email which he was asked to write by the unanimous decision of Council,  on the Lisbon Treaty Referendum.   Some members had complemented Engineers Ireland on taking a public position and exhorting members to vote in favour of the Treaty,  whilst some others had expressed a varying set of concerns.  These in turn will be reported at the next Council meeting.

John Power and Jim Robinson gave a summary of preparations for the 2010 annual conference,  in Cork.  There is an extensive social programme planned around the conference.   There have been 7 proposed resolutions to date from our societies and divisions,  for conference to consider.  Further resolutions are expected,  and Council will select a short list at its next meeting.

John Power solicited further suggestions for speakers to participate in the Engineers Forum series.  It is likely that the first forum,  imminently in November,  will be focussed on a national energy strategy.

Under AOB,  we reviewed our invitation policy for the forthcoming annual Ball.   We noted interest from Irish Engineers in the United Arab Emirates in forming a division of Engineers Ireland there,  and widened the scope to consider the prerequisites to form new regional divisions on any part of the globe.

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