Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BT Business of Science and Technology Programme

This year,   BT have extended the Young Scientists Exhibition to take the top 50 (actually,  53:-)) students and offer them a three month programme to extend their projects using insights from entrepreneurs and innovators.   Hopefully some of these students will be inspired and guided not only to successfully conclude their academic careers,  but also to consider founding and launching their own innovative businesses in due course.

This morning I was invited by William McAuliffe of BT to give my personal experiences as an entrepreneur to the students in the Science Gallery (which,  coincidently,  I chair).   It was quite a humbling experience,   with insightful questions from the audience!


  1. It is great to see that people are helping our very tallented youngsters turn good ideas into profitable ones.

  2. I am one of the shortlisted students and I must say that I particularly liked your talk. I was also interested when my teacher Ken Allen whos daughter was one of the foudig members of the gallery, told me that you actually chair the gallery. On that point I can only say that it is my favourite place in dublin and I really hope that there will be these sort of places all around the world soon, Its a place where I fit in. Thank you and Well done on your successes.

    Andrej Pacher

  3. Hi Andrej,

    I've been involved with the Science Gallery now for 5 years - 3 to raise the funds to build it, and then the last 2 years to run it including hiring Michael John Gorman and his team.

    It has been a wonderful project, very proud to be associated with it, and I enjoy it immensely...

    best wishes