Friday, February 5, 2010

I'ld like to bring to your attention the new Careers Portal website and specifically its presentation of careers in engineering.

An initiative by Discover Science and Engineering,  the website interviews (with video clips) heads of departments,  faculty staff,  undergraduate students and recent graduates on careers in engineering and technology - amongst other careers.

It has links to job recruitment sites so that you can see what jobs and employers - and payscales - are currently being advertised.  It brings in employment data to show trends.

It includes guidance for parents and teachers/counsellors including materials,  powerpoints presentations and worksheets.

It also includes personal psychology analysis and profiling (if you create your own account and follow the questionnaire) to match character traits to career opportunities.

A really excellent resource for career planning -- not just for students,  but also those considering a mid-career change.

I am delighted to see the content relating to engineering and technology,  and am very grateful to those who have voluntarily allowed themselves to be interviewed.   If you (or your employer,  or your higher education institute) would like to get involved and add further content to the web site,  please contact Eimear Sinnott

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